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Extended Summer Hours!


Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Sunday 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Monday through Thursday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


Sunday 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Girdwood Hours & Phone #

Now open in Girdwood!

2 PM - 9:30 PM Mon - Thurs

12 PM - 9:30 PM Fri - Sat

12 PM - 7:00 PM Sun

Phone # 907-783-0084

Click here to see what's on tap!

Located on "the boardwalk", at the base of the mountain just few doors to the right of the GVCA and right up the street from Jack Sprat.

Featuring a 4 tap Growler Bar in addition to a collection of fantastic beer, wine, mead, cider, spirits, and sake.  Mix and Match a Six Pack, of course. 

The Pour for Bean's Cafe

Tix on sale now to our annual fall event that benefits Bean's Cafe.

Click here to read more!

HUGE beer Shipment!

And the race is on - to get all this new beer into our computer system and on the shelves.  People are literally trying to buy it as it comes out of the boxes!

Some new and some old favorites (get ready to do your happy beer dance!):

Here's a partial list of everything we're struggling to price and get onto the shelves:
- Gulden Draak AND Gulden 9000 Quad
- Boucanier Golden & Red
- Petrus: Aged Pale, Bruin, Red, Specialze
- Piraat (and one for the Growler Bar!)
- Wittekerke Wit AND Rose
- Tieton Smoked Pumpkin CIDER (yum.)
and so, so much more...seriously... ;)

Big Sale Starts Sun 9/8

Sales are a rare thing at La Bodega, but starting this Sunday and going through Wednesday 9/11, it's ON!

Keep an eye on our website and facebook page for updates, but basically we're looking at BIG discounts on overstocked items, plus even bigger discounts for full cases.

For extra fun, we'll do a drawing each day for super prizes such as a really great wine opener, a limited edition Gladys Golden Ale Growler,  a ticket to Bodega-Fest 2013, awesome things like that.

Hope you can find a time to come down and take advantage of the fleeting La Bodega SALE!

King Street Cans!

King Street IPA, Hefeweizen, Blonde and Pilsner 6-packs cans are now available! Only $9.90 per 6-pack.

New Summer Hours!

Monday through Thursday, open 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM to accommodate the summer shopper!

Sunday 12PM - 7PM.


Giant Beer Shipment

Spring is a time for the new. We are certainly living that here at the Bodega. There are so many new brews gracing our shelves, we hardly know where to begin. 


From the Mikkeller Yeast series 2.0  to the Mikkeller Single Hop series, including Mikkeller 19, an IPA with 19 hop varietals! We also have new Haand Bryggeriet beers, TO OL Mine is Bigger than Yours and Sans Frontiere, Freigest Unfiltered Kolsch and Smoked Berliner Weisse . . . Whew! And don't forget our shiny new plethora of British and UK Territories beer, and offerings from the honorable isle of Japan! 


The bottom line is, you need to see this selection. Old favorites and new favorites a like you will find something to peek your palate and expand your beer drinking experience.

One terrific night of sake!

Thanks to all who attended - it was an sell-out event and then some, enjoyed by all. 

So nice to find other lovers of the fine fermented rice.  :)

More to come!

Stone Enjoy by 4/20/13

We have a limited amount of 22oz bottles, they are $8 and limited to one per person.

But - it will be on the Growler Bar so stay tuned!  Click here to see the current list.


Rodenbach is back!

We have .750L Rodenbach Classic!

$9.95 ea.  

We're working on getting some Grand Cru also...stay tuned, but in the meantime, enjoy the classic!


Tuesday, January 29th ONLY!

$5 for a 64oz Growler of Kenai Breakfast Beer!

SAKE is all on sale - ranging from 10% to 25% off! Try a sparkling sake or spoil your inner-sake-lover with a fancy Tarusake or Junmai-Shu!

Biers in the GERMAN COOLER are 15% off - plus mix and match 12 beers from the German Cooler that are .500L and get 20% off!

Friday's Beer of the Day!

Franches-Montagnes Spike & Jersome's Cuvee Delirante

A Self Proclaimed Barley Ryne, Cuvee Delirante is a collaboration between Spike Buckowski or Terrapin and Dustin Watts and Jerome Rebetez of Brasseries des Franches-Montagnes (BFM).

Rye Barleywine (20% rye), aged in rum barrels. YUM!

Limited Quantities! $10.95 for .330L


Thursday's Beer of the Day!

Alvinne's Cuvee D'Erpigny

This is a heavy dark blond ale aged for many months in wine barrels, coming in at a massive 15% ABV, this beer is bang for your buck! With scores in the 90's at both and Recommended as a dessert beer for it's rich flavors.

LIMITED QUANTITIES!  $8.50 for .330L

Wednesday's Beer of the Day!

Picobrouwerij Alvinne is a tiny Belgian craft brewery whose name is derived from a female spirit present in local folklore.

Melchoir is a Belgian Strong Ale brewed with mustard seeds, intriguing isn't it?  Orange-glory body with lots of yeast and sediment and an off-white head.  Notes of honey mustard, malt, light citrus zest.  A delicious, complex, bread sweetness leading the way to light hops with a bitter finish.

$6.95 ea. for .330L of this delicious belgian ale.  Limited supply!


GRUT BIER! A historic beer recipe brewed by Dr. Fritz Briem.

Before the German Purity Law of 1516 it was common practice in Germany, as well as many other countries, for spices to be used adding flavor and balance to beer. This interpretation of a Grut by Prof. Briem uses Bay Leaves, Rosemary, Ginger, Anise, and Caraway.

Again, Quantities are Limited   $7.95 for .500L

Monday's Beer of the Day!

Schiehallion is from Harviestoun Brewery, the makers of Bitter and Twisted and Old Engine Oil.

A refreshingly crisp dry lager Schiehallion is inspired by the Schiehallion mountain in Scotland which is often surrounded by swirling clouds, this lager is meant to remind you of the fresh, dewy mountain air. 

Limited Quantity!  $8.95 for .500L.

Come by and see all the new products and take home beer #1 to start your AK Beer Week off right.

HUGE Shipment of Imports!

Just in!

All kinds of European beer goodness plus some new sakes and wine!

So, so fun.  Get it while it lasts!

New Sours!

Two styles of sours, both new to the state of Alaska!

Crooked Stave from Colorado pushes the envelope by making mild sour ales that burst with flavor but won't leave you laid out for the rest of the night.

Timmerman's from Belgium claims to be the oldest lambic brewery in the world, and the centuries of quality shine through in everything they do.


Click here to read about our "Say goodbye to 2012 Sale!"

Yes, Open Christmas Eve

We open at 10AM on Christmas Eve and plan to stay open till nine. 

If the business completely drops off (as it usually does on Christmas Eve), then we'll leisurely straighten up the place and close a little early, but no earlier than 8PM.  If we stay busy, we're open till 9!

Happy Holidays!

Holidays beers are here!

So excited! 

Highlights for us include the To Ol Snowball Saison (both on draft and in bottles!), Hjul & Stejle Djaevlebryg (Devil's Brew - a hoppy brettanomyces brew) with others like De Ranke, Bink, Ridgeway, Mikeller and all the other old friends plus some new. 


Thanks for another incredible year!

To all who attended the 2012 Bodega-Fest, thanks for coming out!

We hope you had as much fun as we did!

If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. please e-mail  We welcome your feedback.


Bodega-Fest 2012 is finally here!

Todays tasting spectacular will be held 100% indoors due to all the recent weather we've been and will be having. We will not be enslaved by the elements!  Today at the Kincaid Chalet from 2-8, see you there!

Volunteers Needed!

Two-hour shift at Bodega-Fest earns your ticket, which includes entrance, a commemorative tasting glass and 12 tasting tickets.

If interested in being a part of Bodega-Fest 2012, we'll need your birthdate, TAM/TAP # & expiration, and driver's license #.

Our contact info: or 907-569-3800.


New local CANS!

Midnight Sun Snowshoe White & Kodiak Brown Ale - now available in Cans!

Intro Price: $9.75 6/pk.

La Bodega voted #1 website at PRSA awards!

Thank you Mariajose Echevarria and Solstice Advertising for the amazing branding and website!

Now if we can only keep new products updated... :)


New Anchorage Brewing Co is in!

Galaxy White IPA!

More info here.

Mead Sale!

Sale on all Alaskan Meads!

5% off of any bottle of Ring of Fire or Celestial Meads.

Sale runs 1/21 - 1/28.

Beer of the Day for Beer Week!

Thanks for playing everyone - we sold out of all of our Beers of the Day for AK Beer Week!

Happy AK Beer Week!

AK Beer Week 2012 is January 16 - January 22 or in other words, the week leading up to Beer & Barleywine!

For each day of Beer Week, we are releasing a new amazing beer at La Bodega with limited supply available. 

For a complete calendar of AK Beer Week Events, click here.


Snowball Saison

The most interesting of all beers in the Xmas selection thus far!

The website gives away nothing, and the black and white label is GREAT.  Got our staff member, Larry, conjuring up visions of hosting a "white party", where guests wear white suits and dresses...

Can't wait to try this beer!

Holiday Beers Arrive Monday!


We love Xmas Beers.  Because they come from everywhere all at once!  It's like the whole beer world has come out to party.

Lots of new goods this year - stop in early for best selection!

Wine Shelves RE-Done!

Organized by country and domestically by state.  It's a beautiful looking shelf, if we do say so ourselves...

We've stretched out the selection so much that we elbowed out the ports - and have to get a new shelf just to display the "after dinner" selection!

Drink Wine for Cambodian Children

Great Australian producer Mollydooker's Sip it Forward - the proceeds benefit Cambodian children in need.

Read more on the wine here.

Thanks for Mead-ing with us!

What a great time was had a Celestial Meadery for the Mid-Week Mead Tour & Tasting!

We will certainly have to do it again! 

Sobon Wine Dinner

Kinley's & La Bodega are proud to host this 5 course, 6 wine dinner on June 22!  Click here for details.

Alternative Packaging

The sunshine is out and Bodega has everything you need for your imbibing this season.

Pack it in, pack it out is made so much easier with products in alternative packaging, and these days we certainly don't have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

We're recommending the Kenai Scottish Ale in cans, it's fantastic and bonus - local!

On the wine side, the Black Box Malbec is a terrific, med-bodied red.

Gluten-free?  Try a Strongbow Cider in a can.  Nothing's more refreshing when you're at the top of the mountain (disclaimer - safety first!).

Midnight Sun should have cans for us mid-summer, so look out for those!

April Beer & Wine Clubs are in!

This month's WINES here!

BEERS here!

Have a beautiful weekend...

HUGE NEW SHIPMENT has arrived!

Beer, sake, mead and cider!

Check out New Products for complete list, and be sure to scroll down!

Mix a Six with the La Bodega Staff!

If you attended the Tap Root Beer & Mead Social - don't forget to bring in your tasting card to save 10% on a Mix a Six pack at La Bodega!


Bayerischer Berliner Weisse

Just in time for the sun!

From Bayerischer in Leipzig, Deutschland.  .330L $5.25 ea.

Read up on this historic style.

If you're a lambic, gueuze or flemish fan, this is your weisse!

La Bodega Sponsers Alaska Dispatch Newsletter!

We are proud to sponsor the Alaska Dispatch's e-newsletter for the month of April!

Check out the Alaska Dispatch and sign up for their newsletter here:

La Bodega unveils the new website!

Thanks for all who joined us at this momentous occassion!

Photos from the event available here.

If you have your own photos, please share them with us on facebook!  Only the tasteful ones, please.

Special thanks to Tom Marriage (AK Dispatch), Bridget Sullivan (Performer), Swing Set Hooligans (Performers), Rick Ruiz (Fundamentals Entertainment), Midnight Sun (Beer Sorbet), Ginger (Catering), and K&L Distributors.

Photo to the left is by Joel Loosli of Infectious Design.

Mix & Match a Six Pack

Gone are the days of being forced to buy 6 of one beer at a time!

La Bodega's beers are all individually priced, so you can sample new wares to your heart's content!

For example: here's a 6 pack for an IPA lover:
- Victory Hop Devil IPA
- Meantime IPA
- Great Divide Rumble Belgian IPA
- Stone Ruination IPA
- Ninkasi Total Domination IPA
- Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter - throw one in there to mix it up!