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Saturday's Beer of The Day!

Aecht Schlenkerla 2010 Vintage Oak-Smoke Doppelbock

The Schlenkerla Brewery can be found in the middle of the old town under the old cathedral in Bamberg, Germany. They produce some of the best smoke beer in the world. Since 1877, the Graser/Trum family have owned the brewery, though documentation says it has been around since 1405. Andreas Graser the owner at that time had been involved in a wagon roll-over accident and injured his foot, he limped while walking and would "dangle" his arms at the same time. In the Franconian dialect this is called "schlenkern." People started to call the tavern, Schlenkerla and the name stuck.

All malts made at the brewery are dried by wood fire. Beechwood is the most common, but for this beer, Oak is used. Oak imparts a smoother and multi-layered smoky complexity rather than the intense aroma of beechwood. The 2010 version has been bottled unfiltered and left to mature for five years in the rock cellars of Stephansburg under the brewery.

8% ABV

$9.50/bottle     3-bottle/person limit



Friday's Beer of The Day!

Birrifico Del Ducato Baciami Lipsia "Kiss My Lips"


Del Ducato was founded in 2007 by partners Giovanni Campari and Manuel Piccoli in the village of Roncole Verdi in the province of Parma of Italy. The make a wide variety of beers, ranging from Belgian-style Saisons and Strong Ales to Imperial Stouts, IPAs, and Sours. As such they source the best raw materials they can from around the world.

Baciami Lipsia is a Gose-style beer. It does not hold to the classical version of Gose, which many of us would think of as the Leipziger Gose, but more to what Sebastian Sauer of Freigeist has been brewing up. This Golden ale was matured for nine months in barrels with brettanomyces and lactic acid bacteria. After that it was determined that the lactic acid had distinctly taken over, but the brett was still present, so a second beer was brewed with Himalayan Pink Salt and after its maturation the two were blended into this Gose.

Refreshing, with a straw-yellow color, it’s super crisp and tart with citric brett notes and lactic acid and subtle salt notes.

4% ABV


Thursday's Beer of The Day!

La Goutte d'Or Chateau Rouge

Thierry Roche opened Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or in 2012 in the “Little Africa” district. His craft beers reflect the district that houses the brewery and the street names the names of his beers. He uses ingredients like ginger, pepper, and dates, all purchased from the famous open-air market, Marche Dejean. 

Chateua Rouge is a Red ale with a nose of caramel, fruit, and spice. The palate is similar with floral hibsicus, nutmeg, and peppers. Finishes bitter and spicy. 

6% ABV


Wednesday's Beer of The Day!

Hofstetten Granit Bock Ice

The beer is fermented in open granite troughs, then red hot granite stones are thrown in, caramelizing the sugars in the wort. The beer is then placed in their lager keller for six months and allowed to mature. For the Ice bock, the beer is then frozen and the water extracted, thus leaving a greater concentration of alcohol and flavor.  A red-hued beer, with a subtle aroma of smoke and raspberry. The palate is rich with caramel, toasted bread, and dried fruit. Finishes long, with a warming alcohol presence and a little bitterness. 

We hope this unique Ice Bock warms your body and mind this week. Cheers!

11.5% ABV


Tuesday's Beer of The Day!


Alvinne Wild West Blackthorn Edition

Alvinne is a relatively young Belgian brewery, started in just 2004. The brewery focuses on making world class beers. Marc, their “yeast whisperer” found and cultivated what was to become their Morpheus yeast strain. Morpheus is unique as it is a combination of 2 Saccharomyces Cerevisae strains and lactic bacteria and has a very high alcohol tolerance. The mixed culture allows them to brew fermented beer as a traditional ale or mixed, which results in a sour beer.

The Wild West series is the barrel-aged version of their Blond sour ale, Omega. The Blackthorn Edition is Omega fermented with blackthorn berries aka sloe berries and aged in Bordeaux Red Wine barrels for eight months. The result is an amber-golden hued beer with vinous, tart, fruity, and oaky aromatics with similar notes on the palate. 

6% ABV


Introducing Saké Club!

It's well known that we love our saké at La Bodega.

After three years of increasingly popular Saké Weeks, a number of well attended tastings, and an over all growing interest in Japan's national beverage, we have decided to launch Saké Club!

Subscriptions are $45/month, and will include an assortment of brand new and exciting saké from Japan and the United States, many never before seen in Alaska.

The first 14 members will also receive a hand thrown O-choko sake cup, made by our saké specialist, and resident potter, Will!

ALSO!  Check out our BEER and WINE CLUBS, which we have been enthusiastically presenting since 2009.  Great gifts for friends, family or self!

Domo arigato!

We have scheduled 2017 Sake Week

March 26th - April 1st.

We are happy to announce the dates for the 2017 Alaska Saké Week.  The Saké Expo will be held on Saturday, April 1st.  Stay tuned as we schedule the events for that week.


Flashback Friday

La Bodega's Soccer Team!

Circa 2006, 2007.  Good times were had by all!

10 Year Anniversary

2016 is La Bodega's 10 Year Anniversary!  
And exactly four years ago today, that's right, 4/20/12, we relocated the shop from it's origins at University Mall to the Metro Mall.  That was a big milestone and wouldn't have happened without the support of this community.   
THANK YOU to all of our customers old and new, our vendors, past co-workers and current team of exceptional individuals.  Let's keep on celebrating!

Cocktail Club

The Old Fashioned is new again!

Join us at Spenard Roadhouse for Cocktail Club, February 16th at 8:30pm. Find out why this classic cocktail has stood the test of time. Tickets include appetizers, two featured cocktails, and an ingredient flight.

$35, limited to 16 seats
Available at our newest location, 1200 W. Northern Lights Blvd, next to REI

All Access(!) Evening

What do you get when combine the Anchorage Concert Association, Specialty Imports, all the great downtown restaurants, and of course, La Bodega?  Throw us all into the Performing Arts Center and it's a great evening out in support of the arts!  Click here to read more.

A whole week of Sake Events!

The 2nd annual Sake Week is coming right up!

Please click here to see all the events in detail.

Hope you can join us for one or more of these terrific events!  2014 was a well-attended week of great fun and education.  Here's the Sake in 2015!


Beer A Day for Beer Week

FRIDAY January 16th:

TAPSleeping Lady Bourbon Barrel Aged Braggot  Beautiful reddish golden color, bright & full flavored, this is braggot for the bold!  14 months aged in new Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels.  Regular Price $6.00/12.00, today only $5.00/10.00!

BOTTLEPripp's Carnegie Porter  We've been lucky enough to see a small bit of this beer every few years at La Bodega.  Even at it's modest 5.5% alcohol, it travels well and is a great chance to try a Swedish classic.  Read Michael Jackson's engaging write-up on Pripp's here.  Regular Price $5.25 ea. TODAY only, save $1.00, making it $4.25!


THURSDAY January 15th:

TAP: Sleeping Lady Chocolate Stout  A dark brown stout, completely different recipe from our normal oatmeal stout. Brewer Greg Mills commandeered raw organic cocoa nibs from Nicaragua, roasted them on site at Sleeping Lady Brewery, then added directly to the boil. Price $5.00/10.00.

BOTTLE: Guinness 1759 Amber Ale  A rare, limited edition amber ale from the Guiness Master Brewers, brewed with fine, peated malt whiskey.  Regular Price $35.95 ea. TODAY only, save $1.00, making it $34.95!


WEDNESDAY January 14th:

TAP: Kenai Maple Bacon Breakfast Beer A variation on the ever-popular Breakfast Beer (Oatmeal, milk, and grains - the perfect way to start your day), this version smells like pancakes and maple syrup.  Tastes like the classic breakfast beer with lovely maple notes and a hint of roastiness from the bacon.  Smooth and downright delicious. Price $5.50/$11.00.

BOTTLES: Praga Pils & Dark Lager Recently featured in the La Bodega Beer Club!  Encompassing over 200 years of Czech brewing heritage, Praga upholds the rich cultural tradition of the world's number one beer drinking country. Praga is of the few remaining breweries to maintain their own malt-house, allowing the brewmaster to maintain an excellent standard of control. Artesian wells below the brewery contain soft water that is ideal for brewing European lager beer. Regular Price $2.60 ea. or $15.30/6pkTHIS WEEK only, $2.10 ea. or $12.30/6pk!


TUESDAY January 13th:

TAP: Baranof Sitka Spruce Tip Ale Southeastern Alaska is home to massive amounts of spruce trees and the only thing that holds brewers back from making tons of delicious spruce beer is the ability to get out there and pick the spruce tips in sufficient quantity so support the batches. The tips have to be picked at just the right time, and getting enough to support year round production is virtually out of the question. It's a manual process after all and the tips are meticulously picked one by one.  Price $4.75/$9.50.

BOTTLEBockor Vander Ghinste He started by brewing that characteristic red-brown beer – the roodbruin – that's so typical of the region of South West Flanders.  His beer was hugely successful, both within the region and outside its borders, reaching over into French Flanders.  As a result, the red-brown beer has always formed part of the brewery’s range. Today we know it under the name of Vander Ghinste Oud BruinRegular Price $6.50 ea. .330L., THIS WEEK only, $5.79!


MONDAY January 12th:

TAP: Arkose Illuminate Black IPA In search of beer enlightenment? Seek no further, Arkose Illuminate Black IPA is here. Dark as the longest night of the year, the hops shine through with the promise of a luminous if not spiritual tasting experience. Inspired by the dark winter nights in Alaska and the song "Illumination" by Thievery Corporation. Price $4.50/$9.00.

BOTTLE: Hanssen Cassis Experimental Brew Hanssens Artisanaal is the last independent geuze blender in the whole world. Experimental Ale brewed with black currants and matured in oak barrels.  Regular Price $16.50 ea., THIS WEEK only, $14.95!


Traditionally during Alaska Beer Week, La Bodega releases a new beer each day in the shop.  

This year, we're going one further...

Each day we'll have a NEW beer in a bottle or can at a special discount for that day only,

PLUS a new keg will be tapped for a great new growler offering!  

Monday, January 12th - Saturday, January 17th, check out our website or facebook, or call the shop to find out what are the new brews.  Get ready for a fun week!

Wine & Beer Flights at Jack Sprat

La Bodega has teamed up with Jack Sprat, our neighbor in Girdwood, for Take a Flight!

Tuesdays are Tapas and Wine Flights, Wednesdays are Burger and Beer Flights.

Super casual, head down to Sprat at any time Tuesday or Wednesday.

There are 3 beers and 3 wines in each flight.  Prices will vary from week to week depending on the cost of the selection.  All wines and beer featured in the flights are available for purchase at La Bodega in Girdwood, while supplies last!

Anchorage and Girdwood Hours of Operation & Phone Numbers



GIRDWOOD:    (907) 783-0084


Sunday through Thursday    12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Friday and Saturday           12:00 PM - 10:00 PM


METRO MALL IN ANCHORAGE:     (907) 569-3800

Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Sunday    12:00 PM - 7:00 PM